Counselling for abuse at In Touch Counselling

When a person is pressured into doing a sexual act against their will, it is classed as sexual abuse. The abuse can range from unwanted touching or photographing to rape and there's a fine line between two consenting adults experimenting with their sexuality. If one of the adults then feels pressured into performing an act which is degrading or frightening to them, or they say no, it is classed as sexual abuse or rape. Pornography, for example, can be enjoyed by adults or may be a humiliation for one.

Sexual assault, sex with children under the age of 16, incest, rape inside marriage or by a stranger, are all criminal acts and matters for the Police. Sex without a person’s consent due to drugs alcohol or unconsciousness is sexual abusive or rape.

Many women and children who have been abused know the perpetrator. The abuser can be a parent, relative, close friend, or past partner. Generally, males are more likely to be assaulted by strangers, figures of authority, such as someone at school, or a relative.

Information on sexual abuse cases is largely unknown. Sufferers of abuse often blame themselves and do not report the assault. Many are groomed to trust their abuser or feel they will be punished for reporting the crime. In some cases, childhood abuse is not addressed until sexual problems emerge in adulthood.