Christian Counselling in West Sussex

Our counsellors are committed to working within a framework of equal opportunities which celebrates our differences. Sussex embodies all the diversity of a multi-cultural, multi-racial society and we have a responsibility to work ethically, sensitively, appropriately and without discrimination on the bounds of class, culture, gender, marital status, physical ability, ethnic background, age, religion or sexual orientation.

“As we work to understand the Bible with our minds and to see more clearly our priveleged position as believers, the Spirit helps us to grow. Because the work of Christ is actual, because He died and rose again in history, this is not just positive thinking or a psychological technique. It is reality.”

Christianity with a Human Face, Macaulay and Barrs
One of our prime goals in counselling must be that our clients will hear God's call to a radical change of direction

The Role of the Christian Counsellor

The role of the Christian counsellor is clear and concise, demanding that they exhibit the same virtues that God desires both in structure and content.

I would therefore argue that the work of counselling has the same risks and responsibilities of those in professional ministry. In real terms, the counsellor becomes the Assistant to the Holy Sprit. To enable the counsellor to appreciate his/her role in this area it may be worth noting how Jesus would have worked, with the emphasis on serving others “taking the very nature of the servant” (Php 2:7.NIV).

“Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”

Isiah 9:6

Christian truth should be a basic requirement when working in relationship with our clients to help conceptualise and understand the problems throughout the counselling process.

Whatever you have learned, or received, or heard from me, or seen in me - put into practice. And the God of peace will be with you

Phl.4:9 NIV

The spiritual influence of the counsellor, when being led by the Holy Spirit, can impact, not only on his/her counselling, but also on the lives of the client, the client’s family, friends or colleagues.